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Family law disputes often involve negotiations, difficult decisions, and can be very emotional. With this in mind, our Family Lawyer ensure that our clients feel comfortable, informed and confident every step of the way. We manage all the unpleasantness while keeping your best interests in mind to find the best possible situation from an unfortunate outcome. Our scope of family law includes but is not limited to:

1) Divorce
With a sensitive issue such as divorce, you can rely on our divorce lawyers to take the time to understand your predicament and provide solutions that are agreeable to you and in your own best interest. With a complex situation such as divorce, it is important to hire the most thorough, honest and resourceful lawyer to find the best results.

2) Equalization
Equalization refers to the payment made by one spouse to another to balance the sharing of property value between each other. Any asset acquired by a spouse during the marriage and retained until separation must be equally divided between the spouses.

Our resourceful team of lawyers is capable of creating an effective representation for the division of property. We can help navigate better in such a complex situation, with so many legalities involved in formulating equalization payment claims, allowing us to customize solutions for every individual case.

3) Child Support Law
Under the law, children have a right to receive financial care from their parents upon separation or divorce. Parents may both agree and decide on the amount of child support to be paid, or may ask a court to decide what amount of child support is appropriate. The court uses the relevant Federal Child Support Guidelines and considers the parents’ economic situation to then decide the child support payments. With the right child support lawyer in place, you can be sure that your child is well taken of.

4) Spousal Support Law
Under the federal Divorce Act, spousal support is most likely to be paid when there is a significant difference between the spouses’ incomes after they separate. Nevertheless, a court may always decide that the spouse with the lower income is not entitled to support if that spouse has a lot of assets, or if the difference in income cannot be traced to anything that happened during the relationship. Under provincial law, a common-law partner may be eligible to receive spousal support depending upon the length of the relationship prior to separation. Hiring the right attorney, specializing in family law, can leverage your case, creating the ideal outcome

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